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Simple fan

Less than 12 feet

Flat ceiling

Existing fan rated box

Regular $119

Simple fan

12 - 16 feet

Flat ceiling

Existing fan rated box

Simple fan

16-22 feet

Flat ceiling

Existing fan rated box

Regular $395

Add $80

Add $89

New Location Fan


Angled ceiling

Customer supplied adapter

Priced per fan

Designer Fans

Big Ass Brand Fans



5 point adjustable

Crystal/Thin Glass

20 foot ceiling


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Customer supplied

Direct replacement

This type price


Fan rated metal box

Required for all fans



Fan switch

*Does not work with remotes



Replace with hanging light

1 point of adjustment

Over stairs/20ft ceiling



Replace range hood

With microwave


Simple fan

Flat ceiling

Attic access



Customer supplied

Direct replacement

Less than 12 feet

Add $20

Disposal of old fan

Per fan cost

Electrical: Welcome
QuietCool whole house fans logo_edited.png

Never run your A/C at night again!

  • QuietCool works perfectly at night when the temperature drops, mass-cooling your home without the use of A/C. By mass cooling your home at night it will remain cooler during the day.​

Save up to 50-90% off A/C Usage

  • QuietCool advanced whole house fans use and improve upon the principle of ventilation cooling with savings of up to 50-90% off traditional cooling methods such as A/C. The more you use your QuietCool whole house fan, the less you need to use your A/C.

American Quality

  • QuietCool is proudly designed and built in the USA with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Innovative Design

  • Zero noise vibration for quiet operation, efficient split capacitor motors to save you money, and R5 Insulated Damper System to ensure no heating/cooling loss between home and attic.

Many Sizes Available

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